Capturing the Moment: Single Session Therapy and Walk-In Services

Hoyt, M. & Talmon, M.(editors), Crown House Publishing, 2014

In this new volume Drs. Hoyt and Talmon host leading therapists and researches working with single-session therapy and providing walk-in services in varies countries ( like Australia, China and Mexico as well as USA and Canada) treating complex and challenging conditions. Hoyt and Talmon contribute chapters of their own as well as extensive research review and clinical guidelines.

" This volume does an excellent job of showing how the single session intervention can be applied not only in themselves, but also as part of more general mental health policy, helping to reduce wait lists, give an immediate response to real needs, and serve as a healthy counterpart to our tendency to think that in therapy, more is always better”

Prof. Haim Omer, The school pf Psychological Sciences, Tel Aviv University

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