For more than 25 years Dr. Talmon and his colleagues have been mentoring therapist all around the world in methods to provide efficient psychological therapy treatment. The goal is to help each patient receive an accessible treatment that is effective and affordable to the max.

Our vision


We want to make it possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime get help which best suits their needs. We are able to use telecommunications, internet and social networks to connect patients to treatment. This practical connection makes it easy to find help, whenever facing a dilemma, having doubts or any other personal problem. We guide the clients to find the help that best suits their specific needs as well as finding the right therapist to match them.

therapy method


This therapy method came together once I changed outlook; I started to see psychotherapy in a different way and as a result my methods changed. Once my way of thinking changed it was noticeable that my patient’s changed as well. I started to look at them as actual people and not psychiatric study cases. Instead of deficiencies and disorders I searched for strengths and abilities. I listened attentively where I used to guide and lecture. Instead of providing diagnosis and prognosis I suggested and shared achievable goals. 

We are here


Don’t stay alone with your fears and concerns. Don’t stay numb for years afraid of being exposed or going crazy. Just because you reach out for help doesn’t mean you have to stay for years in unhelpful therapy. Even procrastinator don’t need to keep putting it off, There is no time better than now to gain the courage to make contact and get immediate aid and the rest of the process we’ll go through together in a combined and focused effort.


Dr. Moshe Talmon


Moshe Talmon, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania ’82), is a psychologist, researcher, author and senior lecturer at Tel-Aviv University and at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, Israel. Dr. Talmon teach advanced methods of psychotherapy; positive psychology and leads a research seminar on well-being and happiness. He is the founder and director of the International Center for SST (Single-Session-Therapy). Dr. Talmon provides training and supervision worldwide (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Japan, Singapore) for health organization and Universities. He is also the author of the bestselling Single-Session Therapy: Maximizing the Effect of the First (and Often Only) Therapeutic Encounter (which has been translated into many languages); as well as thefollow-up book (intended for clients who avoid therapy), Single Session Solutions: A Guide to Practical, Effective, and Affordable Therapy; and (inHebrew) Worthwhile for Every Soul: The Brief Way to an Effective Psychotherapy. He is the co-editor (with Michael Hoyt) of Capturing the Moment: Single Session Therapy and Walk-in Services.

Dr Moshe Talmon
Dr Moshe Talmon


Dr. Moshe Talmon is a world-known leading psychotherapist. He is a licensed supervisor and expert in psychodiagnosis and psychotherapy in Israel and licensed clinical and medical psychologist in the state of California, USA. He is most known in treatments that enable clients the get the best and the most from each therapeutic encounter. His method is focusing on each clients resources, strengths and solutions which are present in the here and now of their lives.


Dr. Moshe Talmon teach, supervise and leads workshops and seminars world-wide. He teach and consult in health organizations and universities in the USA, Canada, England, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Dr Talmon serve a senior lecturer at the International Program of Tel Aviv University and The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. He leads research seminars on the study of well-being and teach graduate and undergraduate courses in advanced methods of psychotherapy and positive psychology.

  • Hoyt, M. & Talmon, M.(editors), Crown House Publishing, 2014

    In this new volume Drs. Hoyt and Talmon host leading therapists and researches working with single-session therapy and providing walk-in services in varies countries ( like Australia, China and Mexico as well as USA and Canada) treating complex and challenging conditions. Hoyt and Talmon contribute chapters of their own as well as extensive research review and clinical guidelines. " This...

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  • Talmon, M. San Francisco, Jossey – bass, 1990

     Therapeutic Encounter.This book is aimed for therapists who were trained to see therapy as a long and in-depth process that last for years and realize that in practice many patients drop out of treatment much earlier than expected by the therapist. The book present research findings and many clinical examples to guide the therapist to make the most of each therapeutic encounter as if...

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  • Talmon, M. New York, Addison – Wesley, 1993

    A Guide to Practical, Effective and Affordable Therapy. This book is aimed to therapy avoiders and procrastinators who despite many years of suffering and being stuck with unresolved problems, never reached for professional help. The book uncover many of the myths that keep people away from psychological help. The book guide the reader how to start the treatment process earlier and...

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